Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Colton and I really enjoyed our first holiday in our new home yesterday. It was so nice to wake up to yummy smells and gobble up all of the goodies. He took one look at the turkey this year and decided it was "yucky" and didn't want to help cook it (hehe); however, he did help me 'make the eggs naked' and peeled them for me to make deviled eggs. I am so blessed to have my little man.

We never did get around to carving Colton's pumpkin for Halloween, so it became our centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Yes, it probably would have looked better stuffed completely full of flowers, but still turned out cute. I still think the room looks way better than the dark scary pine cave before picture where you can see the sticky nicotine on the walls (uggggh). If you disagree, I still have a few stinky planks out on the porch that I'll be happy to wrap up and give you for Christmas.

I am very thankful for all of my friends and family that have helped us get into this house. Love all of y'all!!!

PS - Ignore the 99,000 birds on my bookshelf - I'm working on that!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lazy Me

Okay, so I still haven't posted any new pictures, but I must admit to being pretty laid back the last week. I just needed to catch up on some rest and spend some time with my favorite little turkey. Maybe I'll throw out a little decor for Thanksgiving and snap some pictures? Maybe...

Gobble Gobble! Can't wait til tomorrow...lots of goodies including the pure sugary goodness of BUTTermilk pie - my favorite sweet.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I've Moved In!!!

Yes, I am way freakin' behind on posting. It's taken me two weekends to move all of my stuff in, but I am in! Sorry for not updating...will try to get my act together and post some pictures this weekend!