Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Miss Indecisive

Okay, peeps, I need your help deciding on a paint color for my kitchen cabinets, pretty please.  The cabinets need to be refinished as both the poly and stain is gone in many places.  Rather than sanding, staining & sealing them, I decided I will simply prime and paint them since painted cabinets are really trendy right now.  I can always sand the paint off and stain them in the future....mmmkay?

I had my heart set on green cabinets until I stumbled across a couple of other choices.  I'm going to list them in the order I  like this very minute.  Keep in mind how wishy washy I can be.  Also keep in mind that I won a stunning backsplash kit from 1005 Design that I want to's so shiny & nice!  Here is a link to the kitchen cabinet pictures:  Take a peek at them along with the picture of the backsplash I'll be marryinginstalling.

Choice #1 Blue Turquoise: My heart is screaming out for the blue turquoise; however, I just have to wonder how they will look once painted this pale blueish color.  I have an nagging fear they might look like the country blue (think ducks) scheme that I remember seeing in my Mamaw's kitchen (sorry, Mamaw).  After painting, I'm sure they would have to be glazed to get the effect in this photo.  I really think the backsplash would look fab with this color.

Choice #2 Green:  There is just nothing that I don't like about this color.  It's not too much - just enough color to bring the room to life.  I'm just not real sure about the green with the backsplash.

Choice #3 Gray: I really like the gray.  Clean, simple & trendy...but would the gray be too much gray and silver with the backsplash?  I think it might even give it a commercialized look which I do not want as I'm craving some color in my kitchen; however, it would be a good neutral color for years to come when the greens and turquoises faze out.  Could I use it and just accent with color?

Choice #4 Yellow and Green Turquoise:  WOW!  I love this look.  The colors would definitely breath some life into my little dungeon of a kitchen; however, would it just be too much with my shiny backsplash? Would you need sunglasses to enter my kitchen?  Maybe.

A couple of things to keep in mind.  No, I don't want white, please.  Yes, it is breathtaking, but I've had white before and it is high maintenance.  Every little smudge, splatter or nick shows up from three miles away.  The other thing is no way will I ever have the beautiful open shelves/cabinets shown in these photos.  Why?  Mainly because the very few cabinets I have will be cramped and crowded with the limited space and maybe because I'm a bit of a Clutter Queen on top of that.

Because I'm nice (vs really need your opinion since I can't make up my mind), here is the link again to the pictures:  Please go gander at them and then come back and vote.  Poll is now closed.

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