Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 115

Yay! After work, Tess came over and put the first coat of paint on the trim in Colton's room. I cut painter's tape off of the entire house with the exception of the crown molding in the living/dining area. It took for freakin' EVER!!! I also untaped one of the front windows. It faces onto the front (screened-in) porch so no one can really see in. It's just really weird seeing the window again. They've all been taped up since mid-June!

Also, my painting just sucks. I never imagined I wouldn't be a good painter, but sheeeesh! Painter's tape is just almost worthless. Paint easily goes under it and I have a heck of alot of taping up to do, but I've decided to just live with it until later. I just want to get the floors done and move in.

Wow...I sound cranky. Guess I'm just tired...

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