Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 121

I took the sander back before work this morning. Rob helped me load it last night...dang, it's HEAVY!!!

On my lunch break, I ran the stain back to Home Depot; however, they didn't have anything else in stock that would work. I called around and found only one place in town that would sell the dark stain by the gallon. Everywhere else was by the quart or had to order it and I needed it today. This place actually mixed the stain there, so I had them brush some on an oak plank to make sure that I was happy with. It was yummy - dark and delicious!

After work, Rob and I headed over to the house to start staining. Jim and Cathy showed up along with Tobi. My friends are the absolute best!

Rob decided to roll the stain on while rest of us painted the edges; however, he said there was no need to wipe it down. I questioned this because I thought that you always wipe it down. Once he rolled it on, it was black. Not dark brown - BLACK!!! I read the can which said to wipe it down when you apply it and again before it dries, but he assured me it would soak in and turn the right color. We finished up about 10:30 and my floors still were black. I got out the brochure that came with the stain and it said the same thing as the can instructions - wipe down twice. I'm really uneasy...I do not like the black at all. It looks like someone painted them jet black. I won't lie...I'm worried! Surely, they will look better in the morning! Keeping my fingers crossed...

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