Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 126

I got up this morning to watch Colton at the fishing tournament for Boy Scouts. We had fun, but with over one hundred scouts fishing at this little pond, plus parents and siblings, there was only about five people who caught any fish. Fortunately, I had done the "bad mommy" trick of getting Colton a trophy on Friday to give to him afterwards. My friend Christie runs our local trophy shop and she made him the cutest little blue (his fav color) trophy with 'Best Little Fisherman' engraved on it. Oh, I know...probably shouldn't have, but he was so determined that he would be catching 'buckets full of fish or a shark' and win.

I went to the house afterwards and the floors are still so damn wet. I just don't know if they will EVERY dry out! I had turned the air conditioner off a couple of days ago. I hoped to open up some windows this weekend to let the heat it, but of course, it started raining and foiled my plans. GRRRRR!

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