Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 120 - NAKED Floors! the end of the day, my floors were bare-ass naked! It was really neat to see how the pattern in them laid out without anything on them. Before, they were completely worn in areas while still having alot of finish in others. As usual, my camera batteries were dead, so I took a pic with my cell.

Rob was kind enough to pick up a hand sander and some knee pads. Raise your hand if you know what contractors call the knee's too naughty to post on here. tehe! I put it to work sanding around the edges of the floor, doorways and corners. He was smart enough to pick out a sander that took the same disc sanding pads as the floor sander, so I could use those discs as well.

Whew - stink! Ever once in a while, he or I would hit a spot and you could just smell the pet pee-pee in the floor. It was so totally gross - that smell just seem to cling to me. Uggghh.

I also painted a plank in Colton's closet with the stain and decided I didn't like it. It had too much red in it and looked nothing like the sample shown at the store. Also, once it dried, it did not have enough of a sheen to it to call it "gloss" by any means. I would not recommend the Polyshade other than just using it for staining only. I'll go tomorrow and swap it for something else.

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