Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 119

I hit the road bright and early this morning in Garry's truck to pick up the sander (thank you, Tess). I ran by my house to drop it off and that's literally what I did. The rental place had loaded it up for me, so I had no idea it was so dang heavy. I just about broke my back when I pulled it off the of the truck bed. hit the ground. Just glad my feet were out of the way.

Rob showed up and went to work. Once he tested several different grits of sandpaper, I went back to get more of the heavy duty 20 grit since that really worked well. I rented a U-Sand which is advertised as dustless. I'll give it does suck up ninety percent of the dust. While I slaved away sweeping up the dust, Rob sanded and sanded and sanded. He quit around 6:00 PM. I know he was tired, but he got the guest bedroom and the entire living area sanded. I finished removing some painter's tape around the trim work and for the first time in three months, got to see my windows in the living area.

At some point, we ran to Home Depot and picked up some Polyshades which is supposed to be a stain and finish all-in-one. I love the dark stains, so I picked Bombay Mahogany. It's really dark and beautiful. Can't wait to see it!

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