Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 1 - Ignorant Bliss

I went to my house (yes, I'm proudly saying MY house) this morning with the naive idea that I could get both mine & Colton's bedrooms painted today including trim and doors. Now when you finish laughing, I'll tell you what actually happened today. I arrived at the house and decided I could no longer stand the musty stale smell that just about knocks you down when you enter the house, so I decided to clean. After cleaning the den, kitchen and half bath, I knew I had to head to town to get something to kill the 99 million spiders I had killed. Now these were not the big hairy nasty ones, but those little ones that are so light-colored (some even white) that I was convinced they were all over me...ewww! I hadn't noticed them any of the other times I had viewed the home, so obviously my rose-colored glasses just glazed right over them.

I went to Lowe's and spent way too much money for this "frugal" chick on a very limited budget, but left with blue paint for Colton's room, white paint for trim and some primer along with paint brushes, rollers, drop clothes and several other items. I was ready to knock out both mine and Colton's rooms - or so I thought!

When I got back home (love saying that), I opened the back door of my car to get out my purchases and the primer fell out and busted open. It was all in the driveway with some splattering on my car. Now while I don't take great pride in my car like I should (it usually looks like a homeless person is living in it), I still didn't want this primer adhering to it. I took some wet paper towels and fortunately, it came right off. On a positive note, I realized I didn't have anything to open the can with so it popping open ended up being a blessing in disguise.

Next I starting taping off Colton's room for painting. What a pain! I'm sure I went about it the wrong way, but I got the job done in the end. Well, actually, what I got done was priming all the trim and doors. Yep...that's it. I worked my booty off (well, I wish) and that's all that was done. I had not taken into account how long it takes to tape off the room not to mention removing a zillion nails and screws from the windows where different sets of blinds had been installed over the last 56 years in my (yep, mine...tehe) house. That in itself was a chore since I don't own any tools. Fortunately, my sister came to the rescue with two screwdrivers and one hammer. Heck, that's probably all the tools she owns since she's also a single parent. Of course, that brought up another point...I definitely will need some wood putty or caulk to fill in all of those holes before I paint the trip tomorrow.

At some point this evening, my friends Cathy and Jim stopped by and got the grand tour. Jim shared his expert decor ideas while Cathy pointed out the irony that I have walnut trees in the yard and I hate nuts. I was very touched that they stopped by this weekend to see my little nest.

Last of all, I set off the bug bombs before I left, so I hope all those critters are dead or gone when I go back in the morning. Now don't get me wrong, I believe in being green when possible, but spiders are one thing I can happily live without! I'm still brushing them off of me.

It's almost midnight. I'm tired and the tendonitis in my elbow is hurting a little, but very happy that I finally got started. I've laid awake the last 3-4 weeks thinking about ideas on how to decorate and it's nice to put those ideas to work finally.

Off to rest for tomorrow!

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