Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 3 - Escape Hatch

Ok...short & sweet today. I dropped Colton off at summer school which was an adventure in itself, but hopefully it will smooth out. Being the trooper he is, Colton took it in stride and was off making new friends in just a few minutes, but being a Mommy, it left me ill at ease all day long. I left work a little early to go pick up Colton and we stopped by the house to check on things. As I suspected, the trim around the bedroom door and the door itself looked icky. The staining had bled through. I hope that another coat of paint will fix it, but I'm not real hopeful. I did not do any work, just locked back up and left.

This evening, I've been researching the musty old smell issue. It is really bad. My appraiser said that the majority of the problem is because there is no plastic over the dirt in the crawl space. From everything I've read tonight, he appears to be correct. Gonna need some 6 mm plastic sheeting rolled out & taped down. Any volunteers for the job in that super icky crawl space?

I also wanted to mention the nice "bonus" I found this weekend. I moved an floor rug in the hallway leading to the bedrooms while I was sweeping. Guess what was there hiding? A nice big rectangle with some wood nailed over it - an old heat register vent had been removed.

I certainly should have been wiser, but never thought about checking under the rug. I was really disgusted because I've been seriously thinking about doing the floors myself to save money. This means I will have to call in the pros - at least to piece the floor in that spot. I showed it to Colton and he popped off, "Cool - an escape hatch!" You had to laugh and I feel much better about the "escape hatch". Maybe I'll use it to escape and hide from the rest of the painting jobs in the house...

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