Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 6 - Nicotine Hell

I'm in nicotine hell!!! This evening starting by buying some Spic-n-Span, soft scrubbing brushes, yellow rubber gloves and microfiber sponges. As soon as I got home, I started spraying down the paneling with Spic-n-Span (thank you LP for that tip). Can I just say? UUGGGHHHH!!! It was disgusting...brown stuff just starting rolling down the walls. Once I sprayed an area, I took a brush and scrubbed it down. Then, I took the microfiber sponges and wiped it down. The good thing about microfiber is it rinses right out, so I kept rinsing it out & wiping until it showed no stains on it. I think I may have scrubbed some finish off in areas, but it doesn't really matter since I'll be priming and painting over it. I worked from 6:30 to 9:00 and just covered a small area. After about 20 minutes, my face starting itching and burning. I looked in the mirror and I had red splotches all over it. I think I was splattering some of the nicotine on my face, so I itched to death the whole time - and the worst part about it was I couldn't scratch with the nasty rubber gloves on. After using the brush to scrub, I couldn't wipe in the groves of the paneling very well with the sponge, but I think the walls are as clean as they can be under the circumstances.

Mom was there the entire time and emptied my bucket and refilled it for me. She was also keeping an eye on Colton - or so we thought. When we got ready to leave, we walked outside to find that he had "discovered" a white can of spray paint. Michelangelo had painted one of his legs, the ants in the driveway and some of the rocks in the flower beds. Of course, the funniest thing he had painted was the polka-dots on Lori's left rear tire (Mom was driving her truck). I hope 'Aunt Lolo' finds it as funny as we did. The entire can was empty, so I can only imagine what hidden treasures we'll find in the daylight tomorrow.

I felt like I actually made some headway today - even though it's sloooowww-going.

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