Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 9

I was hoping to sleep in a little this morning, but Colton was up at 7:30. Well, actually Mickey (Lori's dog) was up at 7:15, so I was already awake from letting him out. We needed the early start. Colton wanted to go to Hardee's since we usually go there & sit for a while on Sunday mornings. Yes, we've become those little 'ole folks that go to Hardees to see who they can see and "visit". After a quick stop at Wal-Mart to pick up snacks, we arrived at our house. Colton had gotten some new games at McKay's yesterday, so I was hoping those would keep him entertained. I had tucked back his McKay's gift certificate from his Papaw and Mamaw from Christmas and this was the perfect time to let him "blow it" (thank you Papaw and Mamaw). I know he gets bored in all of this and I don't want him trying to "help" with that nasty old nicotine going everywhere. I had brought his X-Box and a little TV to use for it. Unfortunately, the little TV didn't had the red/white/yellow inlets, so we had to make a quick trip back to Lori's. She dug out a TV she doesn't use and it worked perfectly (thank goodness).

After that, it's pretty boring. I scrubbed and I scrubbed, and then I scrubbed some more. I ran out of Spic-N-Span at one point and Mom ran some over for me. I've been wearing dark t-shirts, but today I had on a white one. You would not believe how splattered it was with brown nicotine. UGGGHHHHH!!! Anyway, I stopped about 8:00 tonight. I finished the top of the walls in the dining room and living room. I know - doesn't sound like alot, does it? But if you had seen all the icky filth that came off of them, you would understand why I scrubbed them 99 times. I had really hoped to finish the bottom of the walls in there today, but that must have been a wild fantasy.

The seller left behind the washer and dryer which looked to be in decent shape and are heavy duty and large capacity machines. I decided to take down the curtains on the back door and the valances above the kitchen sink and wash them. The curtains were nasty and stained from the nicotine. The ones on the back door were actually "crunchy" . While the stains didn't completely come out, they smell much better and are soft. I was pleasantly surprised when the washer and dryer both ran quietly and seemed way more efficient than mine, so I will probably keep them there. My sister can have mine since her set are on their last leg.

I'll be back at it again tomorrow. Sigh...

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lori said...

Mickey just wanted to make sure you got alot done today and that is why he got you up early. He was just being thoughtful because he does no wrong.