Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 2 - Painting Lessons

First, let me get my whining out of the way. I am exhausted! I'm sore in places a person shouldn't be sore - even my butt cheeks are sore! I'm trying to be positive about the soreness and hope that I will drop a few pounds, but darn...

Today I started painting all of the trim work I had primed yesterday. Okay, I first want to debunk a big fat lie. All of the online research I read and even the guy at Lowe's told me that I would not have to sand the trim first if I used a good primer or even use a second coat. Most recommended Zinsser as the primer. Can I just say? What a crock. I'm pretty sure the door is going to bleed through and all of the trim required two coats. The trim also just didn't come out smoothly at all. I bought the exact brush that was recommended and's just not smooth. I am very blue about everything this evening, but hopefully, it will magically transform itself into awesomeness overnight. And maybe my booty will be small & flat when I wake up tomorrow, too.

While I painted (and cursed like a sailor), Mom came over and washed down all of the pine tongue and grove walls with TSP in order to prep them for priming and painting. She found about 99,000 nails along the way, so that's more holes to be filled. I really appreciated her help!

On a positive note, Colton's grandparents loaned me lots of tools that did make the process go so much better. Papaw Gil loaded me up with some goodies and I left their house this morning feeling pretty happy about that. I even have....a real "live" level! Stop it...I know you're jealous!

As I was leaving (crawling out the door) this evening. my friends Tobi and Aaron stopped by with their two small children, Cole and Lilli. They remodeled a home about four years ago and know the pains it can bring. Cole tried to make off with my very expensive flyswat and Lilli toddled (yes, that's describes her perfectly) around just being too cute.

I'm probably leaving out details, but that's about all for today's post. Colton is on his way home from his Dad's and he starts summer school tomorrow. I haven't even done laundry! Gotta get busy.

PS - Oh, yeah...I do intend to post some pics soon!

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