Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 4

Yes, yes...I am late in posting, but it was late when I got home last night.

I had been thinking that the blue I had bought for Colton's room was just too bright. He wanted a darker blue and the more I looked at the room I'm "copying" for him, I decided he was right. I took my unopened paint to Lowe's to see if they could darken it up to a navy color. They tried, but since I hadn't used any of the paint from the can, it was too full for them to try remixing it. I'll have to get an empty container & pour some paint in it and give it another shot.

Next, I stopped and picked up some supper and headed to my house to meet Mom and Colton. Mom had been there almost all day with my Mamaw (yes, that's what we call her) planting flowers and weeding. She had two of the small flower beds looking really nice.

By the time we ate, it was almost 8:00. Colton's trim inside of his room was looking much better - not perfect by any means, but for 60 year old trim, the white paint made it look a heckuva lot better! I wanted to finish putting the second coat of paint on the trim in his room and try to get my room primed. My friend Tobi came over :-) and we went to work. Within five minutes of Tobi putting the second coat of paint on the outside of Colton's door and trim, you could see something bleeding through...see?
I remembered the seller (nephew) telling that his aunt and uncle, the owners had been heavy smokers in their younger years, so I decided what I was seeing wasn't stain, but nicotine. Tobi took a cloth and wiped it on the pine walls and it was unreal what we saw - that yellowish-brownish stain from nicotine. UGGGHHH!!! After "test wiping" a few more walls, it was time to call painting to a halt. I was so discouraged.

Last, Tobi and I wondered around the house discussing various methods of cleaning off the nicotine and other ideas for the house, so yes...we gabbed for a while since the painting couldn't be done. I needed the wind-down time, though, and was glad Tobi was there to help...or gab...or brainstorm on the house. :-D

Until I can wash down everything, there is no use in painting anything else. Just thinking about trying to clean the ceilings makes me cringe. Sigh...oh, well, time to suck it up and just get it done.

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