Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 8

Whew...what a day! I had planned my trips out last night and don't faint, I actually got up and out the door right on schedule this morning with Colton in tow. I was so proud (Saturday mornings are usually lazy times for me and Colton). We got to East Ridge and picked up a set of lamps I had lusted over on Craigslist yesterday...even prettier than the picture showed. I've found a little thrift shop down there that I just love and have found several unique and very inexpensive things there. We were getting into the car to go check out the cheap paint in Chattanooga, when my phone rang and the schedule I had so carefully planned out fell apart. It was the guy that I had bought the dining room set from (yep, Craigslist) wanting me to pick it up this morning. I was a little peeved. On Tuesday, we had originally agreed upon Friday and a friend of mine kept a truck and trailer on standby all day Friday; however, the seller didn't answer his phone until 4:00 and it was raining and hailing. Sooo...we had agreed upon Sunday and here he was calling on Saturday morning. I flew back to Cleveland skipping all of my other stops (@#!(@#(&@&!!!). On the way, I called Daddy to borrow his truck, called my brother to see if he could help me load and unload and even managed to raise my 17-yr old nephew from the dead to help (with the promise of some food since he's a bottomless pit). I realized on the way there I needed to stop and get cash and my brother was already waiting on me, so it was a madhouse. I'll bet Daddy didn't know his truck could hug the curves like it did (tehe). It all worked out in the end and my expert-mover brother loaded everything in one load.

Once it was unloaded at the house, I was ready to start scrubbing the walls again; however, I realized that my "work clothes" were in my car and Daddy still had it so I took his truck and brought a small load of stuff over from my sisters. After that, I just piddled around the house. He didn't get back until 4:00 and Colton was begging to go to McKay's since we had to skip it that morning. We hit the road to Chattanooga again and then stopped at Big Lots. They had some cute "bamboo" blinds for $7. The house has a few blinds here and there including some nasty fabric vertical nicotine-stained-yellowish blinds in the den - all of which I will probably just throw in the trash. While blinds are not my priority, buying them for the extra bathroom was a must. This bathroom has a window over the washer and dryer that faces the toilet. The window is part of the screened-in back porch, so anyone walking up can see you 'on the pot'. I'll get them installed tomorrow.

Mom was there a big portion of the day working in the flower beds and has really made some progress. My Aunt sent me a ton of flowers she had dug up because she is moving this weekend. I really don't even know what they are, but I'm sure they are beautiful. We painted some rocks with flowers and Colton painted his with an alien and a ghost which will work beautifully in the landscaping. LOL! Speaking of the little artist, I did see one white polka-dot on the side of the red barn today. The paint is starting to come off of his leg a little, too.

A couple of hours ago, I realized I forgot to call the guy about the vanities that I was supposed to look at today. I tried calling him and had to leave a message. It's too bad...I even had Daddy's truck to haul it in. Grrrr....maybe tomorrow will go smoother.

Tomorrow it is so on....

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