Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 10 - Help Arrives!

Day it only Day 10? Feels like Year 10. Seriously, I can't complain about today. I made alot of progress with some good help. Bright and early, Mom, my sister and nephew (Dillon) showed up ready to work. My sister, Lori brought a pressure washer with her and immediately went to work. It's amazing what those things can do. You don't even realize how dirty the siding or sidewalks are until they are cleaned. Then - PRESTO! They look brand new! Lori worked like the devil on the outside of the house only stopping once to grab a quick bite to eat. I didn't even realize the fountain in the front yard was white - I thought it was concrete gray. She even washed the cows in the front yard - tehe!

Dillon said he would do anything but clean (like you couldn't guess that by looking at his bedroom), so I pointed him towards a closet that needed to come out for the bathroom expansion. Before I knew it, he and Colton starting hammering like mad and out came the wall. I think I even hard a Tim Taylor grunt or two as they were a two-man wrecking crew. Here is the results of their hard fun work.

Colton was so impressed with himself (and so was I) that I wasn't sure that he could fit out of the tiny bathroom with his swollen-with-pride head. Dillon removed most of the hardware from the bathroom walls, also. Thanks, boys. :-)

At some point, I saw a vehicle pull into the driveway with some girl waving madly at me. I thought, 'oh, no - another salesperson'. I have had several people stop by offering to sell me some service for my new house like seal my driveway, etc. To my delight, it was one of my dearest friends from Knoxville with her son and they were there to help! It's amazing how a friendship bonded by the snowstorm of 1993 can keep on giving back. While Mom and I scrubbed, she was kind enough to keep us a clean bucket of water handy and cleaned up the debris from the bathroom wall that was removed.

There isn't too much more scrubbing to be done - it can hopefully be wrapped up by tomorrow. Then the priming and painting can start again. Hopefully, Daddy will be there to work on the bathroom.

I was so incredibly grateful for everyone that helped out today. All in all, it was a fantastic day.

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