Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 11 - Fire in the Hole!

I picked up Colton from his swimming lesson today, grabbed some food and headed to the house. Speaking of food, I am so sick of eating out (not to mention the cost)! I have got to take the time to clean the stove and oven, so I can use it since we are there every night. This weekend, you could smell everyone grilling out and it smelled so good! I am dying for a home-cooked meal. Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked...

I cut tonight pretty short. I really don't have anything to post - other than trying to set the yard on fire. I decided to put some bulbs in the light fixtures on the porch and they both worked just fine. I've also been dying to see if the little black lamp post worked - it's so cute. You can see it below in the picture. Note: you will also see the "lovely" cows that came with the house.

I was really disappointed when I flipped every switch I could find and it never lit up (boohoo). So, I decided to check the breaker box. There were six panels labeled 'Lights' that were all on. There were also five panels labeled 'Rec'. Now what in the heck could 'Rec' stand for? Two of them were off, so I decided to flip them on. When I flipped the first one, I heard something humming, then the breaker kicked back off showing red. I had to know if it was the lamp post, so I decided to brave it again be stupid and try again and it did the exact same thing. About that time, Mom starts yelling from outside (she was planting flowers). She yelled 'there is fire coming out of the little ponds'. These are the two concrete ponds that so desperately need cleaned out - there are old dry leaves in them about 2 feet deep, so I could imagine them catching on like crazy. I went running out the door, but by the time I got there, it had stopped. The tree beside the motor had black charred marks on it and you could smell smoke (reminded me again of how much I would like to grill out), but no actual fire - thank goodness. Colton wanted me to flip the second switch for the other 'off' breaker since we figured it must power the front fountain; however, I decided not to tempt the Fire Gods again and packed up and left. Now I am doing safe chores like laundry...


PS - If anyone knows what 'Rec' means, let me know.

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