Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 140

It was about 10:30 before I rounded up a truck today - truthfully, Tess rounded it up. We went and got a floor sander and went to work. Unfortunately, it was the only sander left which should have been a sign. Only two of the four pads were making contact with the floor. There was no way to adjust it - it was just warped, so we "made do". Tess ran the floor sander and I went to work on the edges and corners with the hand sander. At some point, Tess found a hole in the bag on the U-Sand which explained why we had so much more dust than last time. I noticed that the bag was dirty when I rented it, but didn't think about it having a hole in it. We tried duct tape, but it kept coming off. We worked hard, but by 7:00 PM, only one pad was making contact and it didn't have enough pressure on it to sand (what a POS), so we called it quits. The rental place closes at 12:30 on Saturdays and is closed Sundays, so I am very frustrated tonight. Other help that had promised to show up also let me down, so I really thought about setting the house on fire with the stupid sander in it. Tired and cranky I am...and that's the nice way of putting it.

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