Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 141

Whew - completely sore and miserable! Tess called and I can't repeat what we said, but we are sore!

I stopped by the house today about 3:00 and the sander was sitting in the middle of the floor partially dismantled. Lori had told Scott of my woes and he came to the rescue. He had me pick up some washers to level out the sander and even took the bag and sewed it up. Sshhh...he doesn't want his Martha Stewart skills to get out! Three of the four pads made contact, so I finished up what I could, then loaded the sander up. Scott also started cutting in at the ceiling in Colton's room and put Lori to work with the hand sander in Colton's closet. I am very grateful for their help - again!

Tired tonight....

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