Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 154 - Cleaning out the Ditch!

My plans were to clean the floors thoroughly this evening to get them ready for the poly tomorrow. Of course, nothing went as planned. I got stuck in traffic taking Colton to his dad's and got behind schedule. On the way home, my friend Ronnie called and wanted to stop by and see my progress. I was outside and saw him come up the street and turn into my ditch. driveway is a pain! I've had about five to six people hit the ditch, but they've all been fortunate enough to drive back out. Ronnie's Trans Am wasn't so lucky...and y'all know I'm a little partial to LT1s. I was just sick. It is a really sharp turn and needs another tile put in place. Fortunately, Ronnie has some good friend with a truck that pulled him right out and only had minor damage to the front fender.

By the time that was done and we grabbed some late dinner, my head was busting, so I just went home.

PS - I promised Ronnie I wouldn't post this picture on FaceBook, but I am posting it here...tehe!

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