Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 155

Damn, I am tired tonight! This morning, I ran to pick up the rest of my polyurethane today, then to the house. I started by opening the wood filler. There are about 3 places or quite honestly holes in the floor in the living area that needed filled. Well, can I just say? I made the biggest mess with that stuff. It was hard to manipulate and then I kept dropping it and it dries FAST!

I moved on to brushing the poly on and it seemed to go pretty good. It was easy - just tedious. It was hard to see what I had brushed onto that dark stain, so I had to keep laying down and looking at the floor at the right angle to check for dry spots. I did wear the kneepads alot, but would take them off for a while, because the straps kept chapping the back of my legs.

I finished about 9:00 PM tonight and I'm exhausted. I went outside to sit for a while...really nice tonight. It sounds like I'm being bombed everytime the wind blows because about twenty acorns fall off the trees and hit the roof. I keep waiting for one to pop me in the top of my head...LOL!

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