Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 148 - Staining

I dragged Colton over to the house this morning to try and get this party started! Staining party that is...

I made a trip to Lowe's this morning to pick up a five gallon bucket to mix the stain in. I had picked up two more gallons of stain at lunch Friday and had half a gallon left from the previous clusterstaining. I started out by using the lamb's wool applicators on the end of the poles; however, I found it easier to just stay in the floor and ended up using the smaller applicators with handles. The first swipe I made almost caused me to have a panic attack (yeah, I'm dramatic). Seeing the floor go black made me crazy! Once I took the cloths and started wiping it down, I could see the true color of the stain and I felt much MUCH better (breath, breath, breath). I started in the guest bedroom, worked my way through my room and into Colton's room. While it seemed pretty easy at first, my knees were hurting pretty nicely after all three bedrooms (I didn't wear the knee pads). By the time I got into the hallway, I was having 'charlie horses' in my legs and Colton was begging to go home, so I stopped there. Overall, it probably took about four hours. Of course, that's not counting where I managed to spill a huge amount of stain in the living area before I even started. I cleaned it up as best I could and I'll look at it tomorrow to see if I need to sand that spot again or not (arrrgghhh).

I'm still nervous about the stain turning black tonight, so I've been Googling images to remind myself of why I like the dark stain. I love the floors at this link and I hope mine turn out as pretty.

I'm guessing I will be paying for all that crawling around on my knees in the morning. I would never have made a good White House intern...

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