Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 100 - yes, 100!!!

I really have a hard time believing it has been a hundred days!

Tonight, I put the semi-gloss white on the bottom part of the dining room so now that whole room has its first coat. I also went ahead & put a coat of it on the bottom half of Colton's room. Scott came by to do some of the detail work that he does best and that's about all.

Unless you count the ghost that attacked my sister with a water hose today. She had stopped by to wash her truck. A few days ago, Mom moved the mantel that's been laying outside on top of my water house. Why? Cuz that's how my family does. Anyway, I guess it made a weak spot in the hose. When Lori was washing her car, she swore someone was walking around in the yard. It does sound that way because the squirrels are knocking down acorns constantly. She said all of the sudden, the hose jumped up into the air and just busted! LMAO! She about had a heart attack. I guess our ghost, Aunt Mary, just needed a laugh today....

I ran across this on another blog and just had to share. Vanilla Ice (who I still just think has way cool music) is doing a DIY show premiering on October 14th! I'll be watching. If there's a problem, Yo - I'll solve it.

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