Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 73 - I Spy Part III

Today was just crazy-busy at work. Not to mention our insurance company changed and there is just lots of whoop-laa about that...doctors being in or out of network. It's just such a pain in the booty. While I am very thankful for my health coverage, I have to step on the soap box for a second and say I am not happy about the cost increasing and the benefits and doctors in-network decreasing; however, health coverage is a necessary evil. Stepping down now...

The contractor worked about half a day today evening out the walls and framing up around the bathtub. It would be so nice for him to finish this centuryweek. Sigh....

I spy something! The tile guy arrived with the paint sprayer tonight...yippee! He's a sweetheart and is lusting after that hideous copper with harvest flowers ceiling fan atrocity in the den. Oh, and added bonus - my sister's boyfriend, Scott, volunteered to come over and start spraying. I'm not sure if he's a glutton for punishment if Lori is trying to get me out of her house...LOL! She has been very gracious about living with all of my clutter and junk, but I know she's ready to have her space back. The amount of stuff I have stored in her basement, well...I'll point out again that I need to be submitted for a segment on the 'Hoarders' show. Anyway, I'm sidetracking...we got a lesson on how to use the sprayer and it's ready to go! Scott will be there tomorrow morning to start and can hopefully knock a lot of it out while I'm at work. Isn't he sweet?

Could I possibly be experiencing some progress??!! Gasp!

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