Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 98 - Purple Haze

I got up early this morning to run over and paint everything first thing. Hmmm...the bathroom paint (Sassy Lilac) seemed very bright going on, but I hoped it would tone down some when it dried. I only got one wall in the hall painted before I ran out of the 'llama' colored paint. I had forgotten that when I originally bought it, I only bought enough for the living area and hall, but then decided to use it in my bedroom. Darn it!

I ran home and cleaned up and me and Tess headed to Red Lobster. Oh, what yummy goodness they serve up! My boss had called last night and asked if I could pick up the bed he was giving me at 4, so I had called Tess and we decided to swing by Red Lobster. I had told Tess that the bed was upstairs and with our combined luck, we would probably knock a hole in the wall getting it down the stairs and get fired; however, she brought her new renter, Eliseo, with her, fed him some Red Lobster and he was sweet enough to help us. When we got to the boss man's house (after circling the neighborhood several times), he had actually already moved the bed into his garage. We loaded it up and he also threw in a TV - which is great. My nephew, Dillon, has been using my TV and he said that last week, it's making a high pitched squeal, so this worked out so perfect. We shoved everything in my den and then I got to work. I finished painting the hall walls and then worked myself into a giant pity party. This is the first birthday I've spent without Colton. I know...I'm such a big baby, but it's my party and I can cry if I want to. So, I took that energy and painted until 12:30 AM. I got the first coat of the semi-gloss white paint on the bottom of the living area walls. It is looking fine, baby!

What is not looking so fine, is my purple psychedelic haze bathroom. Heck, I don't know if I really picked that color last night in my giddiness or I handed the guy the wrong paint chip or if I was just smoking crack (you choose). Either way, it's so freaking BRIGHT!!! I just hope some black and white accessories will tone it down.

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