Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 89 to 93

I know...I'm bad for not posting! Of course, if you're really my friend, you know I'm a bad girl anyway. tehe...just kidding!

Okey-dokey, the bathroom is coming along nicely! The contractor is squeezing it in between other jobs, so its time consuming and of course the weekend slows everything down. I was pretty sick Friday night and Saturday, so I lost time; however, I worked from 8 AM to 5:30 on Sunday. Colton's room has been taped, primed and had its first coat of paint on the walls. Whew...the navy is pretty dark; however, it's what Colton wanted. Since this is the first bedroom he will remember having, I let him make that choice. I am going to paint the bottom of the walls white and add chair rail, so that will keep it from turning into a cave!

I will also share this so you can learn from my mistake (again). I was stupid enough to think that when I painted the top party of the living room area that I didn't have to tape up because the white trim paint would cover up the "llama" color since it's so light. and learn - it freakin does NOT! Scott (bless his heart) has painstakingly taped it back off and is Kilz'n my screw-ups. He's very detailed and I even busted him using a tiny watercolor brush to get in the tiny cracks and crevices. The hallway has been neglected since the bathroom work is going on, but I'll come back to it once the vanity is moved into the bathroom.

My uncle came over and helped me hang some light fixtures back off (since I finally painted them after almost three months). I have to admit that I've fallen in love with a color from Krylon that is like a shiny version of my "llama" Valspar paint. I painted my chandelier that color. Now I'm having serious thoughts of changing my dining area chandelier from silver to this color. I can't remember if its called Sesame Shimmer or Sienna Shimmer, but it is pretty wicked.

I'll leave you with some pictures of my best little contractor who makes the biggest messes. :-)

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