Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 77

Let me just say that Colton & I had a great time yesterday. The stormy weather was actually very kind to us. It would stay dry until the minute we got inside and clear up right before we came out so we had no problems staying dry.

I came by the house about 10:30 last night to find a note from the contractor saying he had been there about 10:00 AM and 12:30 PM and left. Yes, I didn't get to my house until 12:40 yesterday, but it's not like I haven't ever waited on him! I was as little peeved. I mean...come on! We do have the luxury of phone booths here in Clevegas!

He called me today about 5:00 and came over about 5:30. The tile guy stopped by and was kind enough to use his special drill bit to drill through the tile for the toilet flange - even though I think he secretly hates me because he doesn't want me to paint my brick fireplace (tehe). He manages to bring it into every conversation that we have and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to offer him some Kleenex after I paint it. The contractor cut a hole in one piece of sheetrock and that was pretty much it. He (now) says that he needs to fix the roof vent before he hangs the drywall so it will not get wet.

I did get to the house today about 8:50 AM and my bathroom door was already there! Let's give a big hand to Cleveland Plywood! The door actually cost less than both Lowe's and Home Depot and they offered free delivery! Not to mention, it's probably much better quality. I started scrubbing on those darn bricks. I just thought that paneling was hard to scrub, these bricks were a complete nightmare. I scrubbed on them until 8:00 tonight and they are done! I started cleaning my ceiling beams, but after about two, my wobbly arms just wouldn't lift anymore.

Tired and need to get this nicotine washed off of me....

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