Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Days 87 & 88 - My Bathroom is NOT Naked Anymore!

Sit down, take a breath...I have bathroom walls! YAY! I didn't want to post anything until I saw it actually happening, but here it is. A guy came by Saturday night and gave me a great deal to finish out most of the bathroom and he's been there on time and all day long for the last two days....what a sweetheart! He ran the vent pipe, removed the rest of the paneling on the hall wall, framed up the rest of the wall, framed up the door and hung the sheetrock. He also fixed a leak that had already sprang up along with ripping out and putting in a new hot water line. Both he and the tile guy (that referred him) took one look at the regular PVC my cousin had used for the hot water and said I would be crazy if I didn't installstrongly recommended C-PVC since the hot water would make the pipe brittle over time and bust. I don't understand why he didn't use it in the first place - I even remember my non-plumbing uneducated arse pointing it out at Lowe's and he said regular would be fine. I could half understand it if he was springing for the supplies, but he just loaded up the cart and I paid. So, why? I don't know, so I'll just leave it at that. The tile guy is coming this week to tape and mud the bathroom, so I might have a full functioning bathroom by next week. Whew...maybe.

I haven't painted anything the last couple of nights. With Colton in school, homework is kind of the priority; however, Lori and Scott have been my little painting elves. They have been sneaking over late and painting....kinda like 'The Elves and the Shoemaker' except for it's the Elves and Crazy-Lady-Who-Just-Desperately-Wants-Every-Thing-Done-So-She-Can-Move-in! Anyway, they've been great helpers.

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of my bathroom walls. Sigh...I feel so luxurious having bathroom walls...don't be hating on me because my walls are beautiful.

PS - I also know where there is a good deal on a 'gently-used' convertible Chrysler LeBaron (tehe). It has a special option of tree removal which is not available on all models. LOL...yep, there's a story there.

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