Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 97

This is Colton's weekend with his dad, so I dropped him off and headed to Lowe's. As much as I like being able to get alot done with him gone, I miss him so terribly when he's gone. I dropped him at his grandparents house and they always "force" a meal on me (love those folks), so by the time I got back to Cleveland, it was around 8:30. The contractor had told me that everything looked great and to go ahead and paint, so that was my plan.

My awesome friend Tobi gave me a Lowe's gift card for my birthday, so this trip was on her! :-) I was lucky enough to run into a dear friend at Lowe's and we gabbed until ten minutes before closing. We had celebrated our eighteenth birthdays together (which was only two years ago) and she is also in the process of remodeling a house. By the time we broke for oxygen, I was in a mad rush to get my bathroom paint as the store was closing in ten minutes. While the paint was mixing, I wandered down the mirror aisle where I had been lusting after this pretty sweet mirror marked $99, but I was too cheap/broke to buy. The original mirror that came out of my bathroom was this tiny little antique medicine cabinet...very small. Well, guess the freak what? The mirror was clearanced to $24.97! I lugged it into the buggy, grabbed some granite cleaner for the vanity top, grabbed my paint and went to the check-out (sh*t-eating grin in place). Of course, I also had a $10 off $50 coupon, so my total came to $52.05. I used my gift card and only paid $2.05 out of my pocket and the granite cleaner has a $2 mail-in-rebate. Then a second receipt printed for a $5 rebate on the paint, so I soooo came out ahead on this trip (for once). AWESOME!!!

I was so puffed out with pride over my awesomeness that I assured the clerk I could load my heavyazz mirror myself. I wheeled it out to the car. When I drug it off of the top of the buggy, the buggy went flying through the parking lot and there I was trying to hold onto the mirror so it wouldn't break. Fortunately, the buggy didn't hit anything and anyone that knows me knows that picking up my purse requires the strength of Hercules, so all was safe. Now fitting that huge mirror into a Honda Civic was another story. By the time I got it loaded into my car, employees were leaving and lights were going out. At one point, I thought I was either going to have to call someone to come haul it for me or strap it to the top of my car; however, I finally managed to shove it in and get all of the doors closed.

I was tired after all of that awesomeness, so I just went home and went to bed!

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