Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 79

I felt much better this morning, so Colton and I got off to an early start! I wanted to get the den taped up so I could use the paint sprayer to Kilz the bricks and ceiling. It took way longer than I thought (surprise) covering up the kitchen cabinets, furniture and just taping up odd and end things. Along the way, I discovered that the ugly copper ceiling fan in the den is actually brass, not copper. Yup, that's how much nicotine was on it (uggghhh...shudder). I also plastic'd over the bathroom wall studs so that I could get that hallway and ceiling before I have to turn the paint sprayer in Monday night. My brother was in town, so he was kind enough to stop by and shove vanity out of the hallway into the bathroom. I finished taping up about 7:30 and headed home since Monday is Colton's first day of school. I feel really guilty about spending his last free day working on the house - we are both ready to be settled in there.

This next part gets ugly, but I've toned it down as much as I can stand, so turn on your 'bleeper' for language. My contractor/cousin said he is not coming back to finish the job. You know the three to four day job he started twenty-four days ago? First, let me share how he sob-story'd me out of most of the rest of the money on Wednesday night. Yep, I fell for it (again), but he absolutely PROMISED me he would be done by Friday. I know - stupid me for doing so, but hell, he's family - which obviously means nothing to him. Secondly, the little pussy didn't even call me - the weasel sent word though his mama (who I adore and love). What a complete ass! Third, I don't know who I'm more angry with about him taking my money - him for being such a swindler or me for being such a complete dumbass and blindly handing it over. I have no use for people like him who seem to use people, ignore financial responsibilities and family obligations and by that I am not just referring to me, but his own child. I guess I hadn't been around him enough in recent years to realize how bad things had gotten with him. I cannot stand a thief and that's exactly what he did. He took money from me and precious time that I could have spent these last four weeks of summer with my child. Let me assure you that he will not be invited to Christmas dinner at my house this year. Should I see him at another family dinner, I'll be sure to fix him up a "special" plate right before I shove the turkey bone up his ass.

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