Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 78 - Sucky Saturday

I got up Saturday morning not feeling so good. I'm blaming it on all the nicotine I absorbed Friday scrubbing the bricks for eleven hours. I soooo wanted to lay in the bed and go back to sleep, but I got Colton up and headed over to the house early. I cleaned on the ceiling beams the rest of the day - another royal pain.

At some point, I realized that school starts on Monday and I hadn't bought the first school supply for Colton. Boy, I am so on top of things these days! We packed up and went shopping for his stuff...cannot believe my little fella is starting First Grade!

By 5:30, I was feeling pretty dang awful (whine whine), so I went to Lori's with a splitting headache. I thought I would lay down for a little while and instructed Colton to stay inside since Lori and Dillon were leaving. After about five to six minutes, I realized he was just too quiet and went to see what he was up to. He was gone and I couldn't find him anywhere. I went into full crazy-mama-panic mode. I finally chilled out enough to call my sister to see if she had noticed where he was as she left. It turns out that he had hopped in the car with her and left. I guess in the rush, everybody just forgot to let me know, huh (big frown)?! The whole incident left me feeling worse than ever, so I did not go back over to my house to work.

The contractor did not show up or even bother to call today - at all.

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