Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 84

It's been a hectic Friday! I stay so far behind on everything that I had to come home from work just to try and get some laundry done so that Colton would have clean clothes to take to his Daddy's this weekend. I planned on dropping him off and trying to put a coat of paint on his room, but as usual I got sidetracked. After I dropped him off, I realized that I was just down the street from a very dear friend in Georgia that I had not seen in way too long. I rudely stopped by way too late and got welcomed in anyway! We had a great time catching up, so yay to me!

I didn't leave there until after eleven, but I did take the time to stop by my house and peep at my bedroom. It looks fabulicious! Lori said Scott free-handed at the top of the wall and it looks great! I don't have any crown molding in the bedrooms and no way my hand would be that steady, so I am lucky he and Lori make a good team! YAY!

Will try to post pictures tomorrow...nighty night!

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