Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 43

I'm over my sulky spell from yesterday. I decided I needed to just 'suck it up' because I should have known better than to expect a contractor to show up on a holiday weekend. Holiday plus fireworks plus beer plus contractor = no workie workie. Silly me...

I got up early this morning to run some errands. I lucked up on a cute five bucks chair for the back porch from Pier One. Okay, I'm lying - I was going to pretend like it was from Pier One until my friends Cathy and Jim busted me stuffing it into the back of my tiny Civic at GoodWill. I really got up early to go to their monthly-the-whole-store-is-half-off sale. I had scoped out some cute pitchers there yesterday and picking up the chair today was a nice bonus. Mom and I also hit a couple of yardsales and I brought home a "time-out" chair, also. The guest bedroom closet is a single door small closet and to boot, the return air duct is in it - so it's tiny. As Becky, Tess and I were painting it the other night, we were talking about how you could only hang clothes in it when I teased Colton I would use it as the time-out closet. I guess he believed me because he asked me later on that night how long he would have to stay in it...LOL! Bless his heart. I reassured him I was just teasing. Anyway, I would love to post pictures of my finds, but my camera batteries are dead.

I put a third coat of Kilz on the trim in the three bedrooms so I am officially declaring them READY TO PAINT!!! Then, I painted Kilz in the middle section of the house that I'm going to use for Colton's TV and play area. I used the roller on the planks and the brush to get into the grooves. I've wore a darn blister on my hand from that brush and it was so tender. Mom came in from gardening and finished with the paint brush while I finished with the roller. That part of the living area has its first coat - YAY!

I went to an auction tonight to see if I could score a bathroom vanity or a dresser to use for the vanity, but no luck. I did buy some stuff though. I can get really carried away at those things - it's like once I'm brave enough to raise my bidding card once, then I just raise it like a crazy fool! Thank goodness, I'm cheapcost conscious and get outbidded!

The pizza just delivered and raising that bidding card worked up quite an appetite, so I'm leaving ya for now. :-)

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