Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 45

Tired of my griping? Well, me, too. I'll try to put a lid on it...for now. :-)
Guess what? I finished Kilz'n the living area today (except for the ceiling)! I need to get the hallway taped off and then I can start on it. Then put a second coat on both areas, but maybe by that time a paint sprayer will magically appear along with Hugh Jackman to spray it on shirtless. It's unreal how much lighter and bigger the area appears. I'm very happy and even the ugly wall heater had a smile on its face. On second thought, it kinda looks like an evil smile since it seems to know it is ruining my wall!
My friend arrived today along with her son, two sisters, nephews and a freakin' load of goodies! Some stuff I knew about and some stuff was sweet surprises! Colton now has a couple of bookshelves for his room and the other stuff is just too much to mention, but it is so way cool. I am so very VERY grateful. I also acknowledge that both she and I should probably be submitted for the show, 'Hoarders'...LOL! We seem to have a love of collecting a little bit of everything! Her family toured the grand mansion and not one of them seem to hold their breath at the old musty house smell which is now nicely combined with the smell of Kilz. Ugggh...I'm afraid to light any candles with the exposed plumbing in the bathroom (maybe the plumber will show up this week?). Thank you, LP and family, for loading me up with goodies today.

Also, I've been sweating over demolishing the bathroom ceiling, when LP's sis told me to just put sheetrock over it. Well, logical is that? I felt really silly for not thinking of that myself, but sometimes it takes a second set of eyes to spot the obvious. My heartfelt thanks goes out to her - gonna save me some time (and moolah). :-)

At the auction Saturday, I almost bought a horse to go with my yard cows; however, I came to my senses. Actually, I'm lying - someone outbid me. Good heavens, I have no idea what I was thinking! Anyway, I did come home with one yard ornament. It's really not something I would have ever thought about, but when I saw it, it just somehow seemed to go with my old house and flowers. She's currently leaning up against the barn studio-garage until I find a nice spot for her.
Lastly, I decided to enter the valley of doom. Okay, I'm exaggerating, it's the three storage sheds behind the garage (they just creep me out). Of course, this sissy-baby made my Mama go with me. On the last shed, we could see a squirrel tail poking out of a basket. It wasn't moving, so Mom was brave enough to pick up the basket. It was dead, of course, and evidently had been for a long time. About that time, we heard a weird noise coming from the driveway and here is a picture of what I saw going about ninety miles an hour! If there is a rope or chain in sight, Colton will tie it to his Big Wheel and "tow" something. It's usually his wagon or other riding toy. This wheel barrel is so rickety that I was expecting it to fly to pieces at any second, but it actually made it safe and sound back into the garage. There's actually a funny story about how this wheel barrel came to be at my house...tehe - another time, maybe.
Good night!

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