Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 65

My phone rang at 9:05 this was the contractor. He said the tile guy was at my house ready to work and he would be there shortly. While I was thrilled, it would have been nice to have had some notice. I filled up four gallon jugs, took a speed shower and headed over there. The tile guy was there and setting up his tools outside. I learned that he had not been able to reach the contractor yesterday, so he rang his phone off of the hook until he answered this morning. Stop it - I know you're surprised. Anyway, he got started, so I left to take Lori to OutBack for her birthday lunch. When I got back, he was already finished with part one. The tile looks really nice and professional - very evenly spaced and flush which is a miracle on my old floor that was made up of several different materials. He also made a call to someone who does floors and he will be there tomorrow to give me a quote. I've already got one quote, but I want to shop around a little. He will be back tomorrow evening to grout the tile and I've got to collect some more jugs because he washes the tile down several times.

YAY...some progress!

PS - The contractor never showed up.

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