Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 67

I called the contractor's friend's phone bright and early this morning. I left a message asking him to at least tell me he's not coming back. At 8:50 AM, the friend called back and said the contractor was on the way. Mom went by the house and she unlocked it. She stopped by at 10 AM and 11:30 AM and he still wasn't there. I ran by on my lunch break at 1:15 PM to "brag" on my tile to Tess and he still wasn't there; however, when I pulled in the driveway at 5:15 PM, he was there. He said he had been there for hours. What two, maybe? LOL! I told him I needed everything completed by no later than Friday morning. He said that would be fine and he would be there bright and early tomorrow morning. Mmmmmkay...let's just hope?! I had made a couple of calls earlier today and I'm trying to go ahead and line up someone else as I sadly have no faith in him at this point.

Here is a picture of my tiled bathroom floor for you to oooh and aaaah over. I'll be more than happy to refer this guy to anyone that needs any tiles laid. He was there when he said he would be there (if not earlier) and the tiles look fabulicious - especially considering my humpty-dumpty floor.

And I'll leave you with a picture of my proud little gardener...check out his pepper plant!

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