Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 62

I am very frustrated. No contractor and not even a phone call today. ARRRGHHHH!!!

I feel like I've done everything I can to push this along. Many of my lunch breaks are spent chasing things down to avoid taking time off since we have been short-handed since the end of April. There is not a spare moment even though I work with one of the best co-workers and friends in the world, Tess. Just trying to keep up there is maddening and then leaving each evening to go work on the's a furious pace!

Speaking of furious...I am trying to calm down this evening. Maybe the contractor has a good reason for not showing/calling today. And maybe my butt is small and flat.

I really need the bathroom done by next Wednesday so I can get the paint sprayer that weekend. Then, I could get the floors done and finally be ready to move in.

Big FAT sigh...very discouraged.

I do want to wish my little sister a GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! I'm very thankful she hasn't kicked me out yet, so that I can finish the house before moving in. Love ya! Hopefully, the way cool gift Colton picked out for her will make up for it (tehe). AND remember, Lolo, if you don't have it sitting on your kitchen table at all times, it will hurt his feelings (snicker).

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