Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 55 - I Spy...

I spy...a bathroom vanity at my house. Yes, boys and girls, it's no myth - it's pure fact!

I have to start this post out by giving a freakin' HUGE shout out to my peeps Cathy and Tess for volunteering their hubbys to come help me today. On my lunchbreak, I had looked at a bathroom vanity that was pretty sweet and a fab price. It's five inches deeper and five inches taller than most vanities, but it was such a sweet deal, I am willing to sacrifice that five inches in depth in my tiny bathroom. It needs some clean-up and a few nicks touched up, but I am so very happy with my CraigsList find!

Let me just say - the vanity seemed gigantic and turning it on the landing in the stairs was terrible. Due to the narrow stairwell, hubbies Garry and Jim had to do all of the manual labor and I know it took all of their manly muscles to get the job done. And a big ha -what about it college boys that couldn't budge it - in your FACE! Simmering down - I am so appreciative times one million-ga-gillion-fa-fillion for their help. I just hope they don't beat the crap out of their wives tonight for volunteering their help! tehe

I had complimented the seller on her beautiful floors and she said she had some extra left over that I was welcome to since she needed it out of her way. I haven't checked each box, but if there is 25 square feet a box, I'm estimating she gave me at least 150 square feet of some really nice flooring! She gave me the brand name and item number, so I peeked at the invoice and Colton may graduate highschool before I can afford to buy more to go with it...tehe. It seems to be some really good stuff. Just gotta figure out how/where to use it. I need to figure out if I could use it the bathroom - depending on how water resistant it is. Of course, I would love to get rid of the urine-colored vinyl in the den area, but I would have to buy more flooring to cover the entire area...we'll see.

I bet you would like to see a picture of my ooh-la-la vanity, wouldn't you? Well, guess what? My dumb butt forgot to take one. Speaking of my butt, I managed to squeeze some entertainment into the evening by falling while unloading the flooring at my house. Thank goodness for extra padding! I'm sure I'll be a wee bit sore tomorrow...okay, I'm lying, I'm hurting pretty good in my hip and back tonight, but nothing compared to how Garry and Jim will feel tomorrow, so I'm just gonna hush.


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