Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 50 Million

Wow...can't believe it's been 50 days and I'm still not living in my house. I never imagined it would take this long. I would love to be settled in by the time Colton starts school, but it is not looking good.

Mom and I finished the second coat of Kilz on the hallway. I am very sad to report that the pine stain bled back through in about thirty minutes. Not real bad and paint may cover it up on the top, but where I'm really worried is on the bottom where I plan on painting it white. I also tried to roll the ceiling in the hallway and it did not go well. It was very streaked and on the places where I had to use a brush to get close to the crown molding, it yellowed in minutes. GRRRR! So, my sis's BF called around and found me a place to rent a commercial paint sprayer from. My plan is to:

1) Gather all my paint in the next week;
2) Clean the walls and fireplace in the den;
3) Tape off the den;
4) Spray EVERYTHING including ceilings next weekend!
The den will be a pain because I haven't touched it and it has those wooden beams along with a popcorn ceiling. Not to mention, those bricks are filthy from the nicotine stuck to them. Mom cleaned a spot on them and it was unreal. If I can get it cleaned and taped off, I would love to Kilz it all down, also. I'm probably dreaming (again) and all I will get sprayed is the rest of the house, but I'll be happy with that, also.
I was very discouraged on the Kilz'n thing, so I after finishing the hall, I decided to spray paint some projects. I have to mention that my aunt showed up with the 'way coolest' bunch of pitchers for my dining area last Sunday (was too gripey to mention it that day). She has a good eye for decor and I claim any crafty genes that I have must have came from her. The pitchers are looking really nice - can't wait to be able to display them.
I had a very unwelcome visitor show up today that I am NOT happy about. It clawed its way onto my car and left nice little scratches. I shoo'd it off and hope it doesn't bring bad luck my way.
This tree-bush thing in the very corner of my yard is really looking pretty this week.
My blackberry bush has delivered a cupful of blackberries! Mom picked them today while a little mama bird fussed at her the whole time. We think she may have babies in this little birdhouse she was trying to protect.To soothe my ruffled feathers over my bleeding walls, think I'm going to sneak a couple of white chocolate Hershey's Bliss before I go to bed tonight.

PS - Rechecking this I see tons of grammatical errors and run-on sentences, but I'm too tired to fix them - please ignore. :-)

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