Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 59

Whew...where do I start?! I guess I'll start by saying some of Daddy's work had to come back out. It's just kinda cuckoo-crazy, so I'm not going to go into the details (bless his heart). I now have some of the drywall back up and the window properly sealed (that was covered up). The backer-board for the tile is practically done. I agonized over the tile color at lunch today. I know white/off-white is the standard, but there was some really pretty brown tile that I really loved; however, I was afraid that it might be too trendy of a look and be outdated in a year or two. Plus, my cheap butt found some 'Sahara Beige' ceramic tile on clearance, so that settled it. All of the cast iron pipes are removed from the bathroom and ready for the new stuff to go in. I would lay out a schedule of what's going to happen next, but I know you're tired of my big fat lies since nothing ever goes as planned.

Guess what the heck is missing from my house.

I said GUESS!

Give up?

The stinky-moldy-mildew smell! It's gone! Mom and I had decided last week that the smell was coming from underneath the kitchen sink. There was a small leak, so Mom had cleaned and bleached the cabinet which seem to help a tiny bit. Still wondering if it was the crawl space underneath the sink, I asked the contractor if he would roll out the Visqueen for me. He made me look in the crawl space, so I stuck my head in. All of probably about one sixteenth of an inch. Enough to see that it was drier than the desert under there. The dirt is almost powder it is so dry; however, he said that my kitchen sink drain pipe had fell and was letting water sit down in line. When he took it apart, the smell was unbearable. Now that the water has been off for a couple of days and the drain line is dry, I have no stinky smell. He will repair the pipes when he puts everything back together. I AM A HAPPY GIRL! This also means everyone can stop avoiding eye contact with me when I mention someone helping me crawl under the house. LOL!!!

One other positive note, my mailbox brought sweet relief today. My tax refund for buying a new home came today. Of course, the bulk of it went right back to repay my down payment, but I'll use the rest to pay for the bathroom and floors and pay off what I've charged up so far. Can I just say? I don't care if you are Republican, Democrat or think Ross Parole should run again (tehe), this program was a wonderful blessing for people like me. Alot of families know they can make those monthly payments, but the initial down payment is hard to come up with.

I have to admit that it's been really nice to take it easy for a few days. After being so sick last week and falling on my booty, I figured I needed to slow down a little. I've "supervised" while the contractor has taken care all of the hard stuff. Here's to hoping things keep flowing along the rest of the week...cheers!

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