Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 56 - I Spy - Part Two

I spy...a contractor at my house! YAY! Being on my vanity high yesterday, I forgot to mention that the guy called yesterday and said he would be starting this morning. NEWS FLASH - he showed and he started. Let's just say that the plumbing under the house is a little "home-cooked". He said he had never seen so many coat hangers on plumbing...LOL! He's going to get rid of those along with some of the cast iron pipes and do it up right! I won't have any water all weekend, but that's a teeny-tiny price to pay to get this done. He's hoping to have it all done by Sunday night because he starts a new job on Monday.

My tush is still a little tender and both my back and hip hurt like hellfire (pronounced hellfaaarrrr) from my graceful fall yesterday, so I'm not sure I'll be doing alot this weekend. The paint sprayer is definitely on hold since I've not had a chance to get my paint together. I'll just be running around collecting items for the contractor since I'm supplying all the supplies.

I am going to have to be on the lookout for a dishwasher. I ran mine through a cycle the other night. Now it ran just fine, but the cup holder for the dishwasher liquid is broken. It also sounded like a jet engine was in my kitchen. The brand is Magic Chef and I can't remember when they changed their name to Maytag, so I'm not sure how old it is.

I did remember to snap a picture of my vanity. Ignore all the stuff stacked in the den behind it - I'm living out of that room and it's a disaster. Also, don't drool over the pee-pee yellow vinyl floor. Purdy, ain't she?


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