Monday, July 12, 2010

Days 51 & 52

So, I'm cheating and combining two days. Let me assure you that you aren't missing anything - except maybe me pulling my hair out. I'm just trying to pull everything together since everything seems to have come to a frustrating stop. I'm scheduling new peeps and hopefully everyone will show up and come through because I'm completely over waiting on the no-shows.

Mom was sweet and got to the house at 8:30 this morning and started cleaning the den walls. I believe they have been Kilz'd after the previous owners stopped smoking, so they are not horrible - but a good cleaning has made them look so much better. Or as good as painted paneling can look. :-)

I got to the house tonight and was completely exhausted - just couldn't kick my butt into any physical labor, so I packed it up and came home. I'm making phone calls and checking paint colors. I have a dream! Well, in my case, it's probably a fantasy...we'll see if I can get everything "re"-lined up and try again.

The only exciting thing I have to report is that Colton has his second "wobbley toof"! He's thrilled. It should come out anytime, so the tooth fairy will be headed to his pillow real soon. Don't let her run you over on the way...rumor has it that she drives like a wild maniac!

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