Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 57

The contractor did not make it today due to car trouble and says he will be there at 9 AM tomorrow. Very disappointed...

I spent the day running between Lowe's and Home Depot pricing paint and other items I need...the list just keeps growing. My bro did turn me on to a local pawn shop that sells paint for $5 a gallon. Of course, it's mistints and such, but if you happen upon a color you like, it's a darn good bargain. I did get lucky at Home Depot and score a gallon of Behr for $5...not even a mistint - customer decided she wanted a cheaper brand, so they sold what they had originally mixed for her for $5! It's either going in my bedroom or the guest bedroom...can't decide.

Send me some positive vibes for tomorrow...I need the guy to show up!

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