Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 12 - Finally - Visible Progress!

I fully expected to be at the house tonight cleaning the rest of the walls, but I got a nice surprise this morning. Daddy called and said he was on the way to start on the bathroom; however, he wanted to take out Colton's closet instead of moving the wall. I left work on two wheels to stop him. Colton's room is small and doesn't need to get any smaller and his idea was to build him a closet on the other wall. After "discussing", he agreed to do things my way and went to work. I didn't leave to go back to work until I saw him start taking out the correct wall because I know how bull-headed he can be (runs in the family).

When I got back to the house this evening, this is what I saw....PROGRESS!!!

Mom and I set to work shoveling all the rubble out. I should have bought contractor bags, but wasn't expecting this to happen today, so we just double-bagged regular trash bags and it worked. They got pretty heavy, so let me show you what the single girl's wheelbarrel looks like. And here is how we left the house tonight...little bit of a mess, but a good mess!

PS - I edited some of the older posts to add some photos (finally).

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