Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 20

Awww, quit your fussin'...I'm late in posting. I didn't feel 100% good and just couldn't seem to get it together on Thursday, so I took the evening off from house work & posting! No progress whatsoever; however, I did run into a lady who gave me a possible solution to my 42" vanity woes. Imagine this, the vanity problem just happened to come up in conversation (ahem) she told me how she solved her problem. She set her longer countertop flush against the wall, then moved her shorter cabinet over. It left her a neat little cubbyhole that she uses to put her trash can in. Neat-O, huh? I'm considering it - just wondering if the countertop with the sink built in will still sit down in the cabinet itself - might have lose a drawer since it will be offset.

I'll look at the 42" top and 36" vanity I'm eyeing at the ReStore on Friday to see if I can pull that trick off.

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