Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 24

Well, darn it - the vanity didn't come through, so you'll have to hear me carry on about that some more....sorry.

Daddy called today and said he had been working at the house. I met him at Lowe's tonight to get some sheetrock; however, he took me straight over to some weird stuff - including wood paneling. After about thirty minutes of arguing, I did get sheetrock, but I'll probably never hear the end of why I didn't want paneling in my bathroom (what's wrong with me?)! On top of that, he can be the crankiest old man...imagine 'Grumpy Old Man' times ten. I know Lowe's was probably ready to ban him - I know I was! At some point, he decided to confess that he can't finish sheetrock - would have been nice to know that earlier.

When I got to the house, I got to see what he had done today. He cut the back out of Colton's closet. Why you ask? "Because the plumber doesn't know what he's talking about". I was just sick. Instead of letting the plumber use the exposed wall inside the bathroom, he said he should just go through the closet. So once Daddy hangs the sheetrock, the plumber will pull everything through the new piece into the bathroom and probably have to cut up the new sheetrock. I swear...I think he's just been dying to take out that closet from the beginning. Mom was there, so she loaded up the debris and we carried it all out. I had planned on taping up the floors, but didn't make it that far (as usual).

Colton is very taken with all of the lightning bugs around the house and it does my heart good to watch him chasing them in our yard. He left one in the house as our "watchdog" and one rode home with us.

I've got a million things to do and my list just keeps growing.

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