Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 40 - Rollin' and Groovin'

It was just me and Colton tonight. He's been begging to use the long paint stick, so I let him go at it. He rolled and I used a paintbrush to get the grooves....was really sweet painting with my boy on our home. He was mighty puffy-chested about his handy work and rightfully so.

When I picked him up from school this evening, I noticed that half of his 'Silly Bandz' were missing (if you don't know what these are, Google it - it's all the rage with the kids). Knowing that he keeps close tabs on how many he has, I asked him where they were. He replied, "Mama, I did free sharing today". He explained that instead of trading Silly Bandz with the other kids, he offered each kid one because not everyone had Silly Bandz. It made me feel mighty puffy-chested of him. Free sharing...I like that term. I think my friends have been doing alot of that with me lately with their time and help on my house. :-)

We only worked for about an hour and a half tonight because Colton's arms got tired of holding onto that long stick - he worked hard!

Here is Colton laying down some rubber on his big wheel in our driveway...good night!

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