Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 31

Monday got off to a slow start. Evidently, I turned my alarm clock off after it went off and went back to sleep which made me about an hour late for work! On a happy note, my BFF was back at work today after taking some time off to care for her mother. I'm crazy-happy to have her back - missed her these last seven weeks.

After work, I picked up some wood putty and filled the holes in the trim work in the bedrooms. Then, I took some other white stuff (can't remember the name of it) and filled the holes in the plaster. I had planned on doing some spray painting, but my finger was so sore from pressing the button (haha), that I skipped it.

In between the puttying and sanding, I played Monopoly with Colton and Mom. I tell ya...Colton is a little racketeer! He buys up all of the properties, adds the hotels and Mom and I ended up bankrupted. Not to mention, the little devil is just lucky. He would draw some Chance card that gave him a zillion dollars while Mom and I would draw one that made us pay oodles of money. He kicked booty on the game!

My friend Becky came by to check out my house and the flowers (she loves flowers). We oohh'd and aaahhh'd around the yard even though it was just butt-kicking hot, I was so glad she stopped by. After she left, I poured myself (another) big glass of Dr Pepper and went back to work. I do remember at some point a big glop of wood putty falling off of the spatula-thingie, but I was up on the ladder and forgot about it by the time I got down. I kept gulping the Dr Pepper down and it did seem a little gritty; however, I swear everything in the house is covered in plaster dust and it seems like I can still taste it when I go to bed at night so I didn't think much about it. When I went to finish the glass off, I found the glop - in the bottom of my glass. I hope I didn't drink too much of it. I guess I was tireder than I realized - we'll see if I'm alive on Tuesday.

I would post some pictures of my sanding, but they are too boring, so that's all for Monday!

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