Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 27

Not alot of exciting news to report (as usual). The city had picked up today, so the mountain of debris at the end of my driveway is gone. I finished covering all of the floors in the bedrooms. Colton had wanted to help, so I told him to bring me the plastic drop cloths. He brought me the aluminum foil and told me it would look prettier on the floor. That stinker! :-)

I measured the bathroom and I'm trying to decide on where to put the door, vanity & toilet since the shower is a given. Daddy called this morning & I asked him to widen the closet door to use as the bathroom door and he shockingly agreed. Then he called back 2 hours later and said he wants to take out the front door (of the house) and widen the whole bathroom. I said no way, so he left and no progress happened. I called the plumber, but he is out of town until next week. I was hoping he would come in, help me pick the best layout and get it done this weekend; however, it gives me a little more time to look at things - and pick up a toilet and vanity.

I'm really pooped tonight. My ankles have turned into cankles. I don't know if it's the heat (which usually doesn't affect me) or all the crawling around in the floor I've done for the last two days.

PS - I can't find my camera cord anywhere! I thought I must have laid it out last night when I took pictures, but it wasn't at the house. :-(

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