Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 32

First and most importantly, Mom's biopsy results came back today. The report read 'no malignancy detected'! YAY!!! This is a relief in about ten different ways. Thank you all for your kind emails and prayers - they are so appreciated.

Secondly, you have to vote for my friend, Cathy's beloved dog, Izzy. I haven't been online to vote for Izzy until tonight, so I'm trying to pay for my sins by asking everyone to vote. Go to the PetCo website and click on the Healthy Smiles contest. Izzy's story is "The Bunny Chaser". Go vote right now or you can't read my blog again....ever. Just kidding.

Third, I obviously did not die from drinking the wood putty last night, so you can move that to the non-toxic list.

Last, after seeing my handiwork from last night, I'm pretty sure I will never get a job finishing drywall. I sanded it down and tried again tonight. I'll look at it tomorrow and see if I made any improvements. If it still looks like crap, I may let Colton have a shot at it - he certainly could not do worse than me.

Speaking of Colton, he just called and wants to come home. He had said he was going to spend the night with Mom tonight, but he's changed his mind so I'm off to go get him.

PS - I just posted Day 31, also...sorry for being late. I was so sleepy when I got home last night (must have been the wood putty).

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