Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 17 - Strippers-R-Us

Let me just friend Susan came over tonight with some good stuff! We stripped until after 10:00 tonight. And how many dollars did we earn? tehe - well, none. She brought some stuff to clean the kitchen cabinets with. Not only did the stuff clean the cabinets, it stripped them down of everything. The amount of grease, grime and nicotine on them was just unbelievable! I'll have to restain them, but I was thinking of doing that anyways since the stain had worn off in places. My hands were aching, so Susan did the hard scrubbing while I removed the cabinet doors and hardware. It was definitely a good start on the kitchen. In the photo below, the cabinet on the left was the "after" and the cabinet on the right was the "before". I really like the dark stain on them, so I'll be trying to match that up whenever I start staining.
I've got to get started on taping up everything tomorrow and get it ready for the paint sprayer. Taping up takes alot longer than you think!

On a positive note, Colton went back home with his Daddy last night and stayed the night. He's been going through this phase of not staying the night with anyone for the last year or two, so this was a huge step for him. In fact, he's staying the night again tonight. I'm proud of my "big boy", but I am missing him in an unbelievably aching kind of way. It's just too quiet and I miss his little motor mouth going 90 miles an hour.

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